Double-head oleopneumatic mitre saw

Double-head oleopneumatic mitre saw

available with different machine controllers
various software available
available with different machine controllers
various software available

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Double-head oleopneumatic mitre saw with ascending retractable blades, with fixed LH and movable RH. Cutting unit tilting up to 45° according to vertical axis (LH towards right and RH towards left). Possibility of reaching intermediate angles by means of mechanical stop. Programmable about Panel. 2 clamp-cylinders horizontal and vertical, middling profile support, incl. 2 saw blades Ø500mm. Double mitre saw operates with a two hand security system. Paint RAL7016 anthrazit-grey. Cutting length see schedule. Accessoires:

Control S7

  • S7
  • Two-Hand security device
  • Automatic zero calibration cycle
  • Keypad entry of cutting length and precise positioning by means of electronic servodrive.
  • Programmable number of cuts with lock-up at end of cycle
  • Double cut facility. Short cutting with automatic dimension correction cut facility of a piece with length over machine. Maximum cutting length with automatic waste control and positioning, automatic repeated cuts program (squares cut) for user-definable number of pieces, fixed cutting dimension for each piece complete with blade thickness calculation.
  • Angle selection and automatic setting at 45°/90°/45° .
  • 99 memories for correction value according to blade position
  • Reading of cutting lists from 3 ½ “ floppy disk
  • Reading of cutting lists from network
  • Scrolling on display of main cutting list data
  • Network card 10/100 Mbit, Network connection for loading cutting lists without floppy disks.
  • Facility for connection to a label printer.
  • Selection of personalised printing data from 19 parameters, e.g. section, code, customer, box, etc.
  • Selection of parameter to be printed on barcode, by choosing kind of code to be used
  • Profile optimizer
  • Restbars optimizer, SW for optimizing of restbar of production cycle (optional)
  • Windows XP Professional with the language of the destination country
  • 17” TFT Display 1280x1024 pixel
  • USB-Port, DVD-Reader
  • Facility for images printing
  • - Display of following cutting list data:
  • 1) section code
  • 2) quantity (pieces to cut)
  • 3) piece colour
  • 4) minimum length
  • 5) maximum length (bit height) 6) left blade tilt angle
  • 7) right blade tilt angle 8) box where piece is to be deposited after the
  • cutting
  • 9) indication of whether bar to be cut is new or taken
  • from the offcuts store
  • 10) customer name for piece in question
  • 11) order number for piece in question
  • 12) indication of whether the offcut obtained can be

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